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Clan 3OD Hiztory

In the beginning, There was only me. Howler, or, JestaFreak, or Da*Freak as I am now known in the Quake arena. 

What follows is a tale of a few good men, and 1 cool chick, with one fatal addiction. The driving need to reduce someone to tiny chunks of meat. And eat those same chunks. They're Gibbylicious!!

Back in the early dayz the Original Gangstas, comprised a list of three. That Being myself, CDTrips,  and Spooge. We used to run around long forgotten servers from the Gamespy list, crying out for our respective mothers as we were schooled in Quake 1, 101.

Shortly after the release of Quake 2 (we love you id), Clan [3OD] was formed, the name originally stood for which was the first domain name we bought for this mother (of a) website now known as The Humor Cafe

As a Clan, we started back then with Q2, playing all weapons with hook, Lithium Deathmatch. We did play non-hook games as well but the desire to swing around like spider-man won out with all of us

We spent a while playing Sconfig Mod around the time that we got our fourth member, TStorm (Z). Sconfig was Lithium mod without the runes and a super fast grapple hook.  

We kept our Clan ranked pretty high in Sconfig Mod in the CLQ. But Sconfig kind of died out and then we went strictly Lithium. FUN! FUN! FUN!

CDtrips, Spooge, and Afterbirth, went MIA, but they were there at the beginning. New Jobs and what not took them out of the picture.

Then Came The New Breed

<- gLu ->

Tstorm, now known as Z[3OD] and I were the only ones who still played much and we were still haunting Q2 Lithium servers. Q3 had been out for a minute but neither of us had bought it, having played the demo. No Grapple!! No Fun!!!!

Z and I, first met Cap*n at work. Cap*n was the first person We ever met outside of our clan who loved to Frag as much as I did. Cap*n was a balls to the wall Q3 junkie. Rails Only Capture The Flag. Z wasn't bad with a rail but It wasn't my weapon of choice. And neither of us had had played much in the way of CTF.

Me and Z, already worked with Milan before Cap*n started and I had known him for about a year by then  (He sings like an angel, an angel I tell ya.). So Cap*n is always harpin on me to get Q3, and I am always tellin him to install Q2. We are trading Frag stories all the time and Milan gets interested. Milan had never played Quake before. So Cap*n burns us, I mean, we all went out and bought Quake 3.

Then came Mihesauh. He started around the same time that Cap*n did, and he was every bit the gaming aficionado as any of us. For the next few months we gamed almost every night. Cap*n, Z and Mihesauh, all had cable connections while me and Milan had dial up. Milan got cable soon after but it was to be a while before it came to my area. We played Deathmatch style no holds barred. Sometimes all weapons, some times rail only and sometimes we even played with hook. There were a couple of other guys from work who jumped in there but they couldn't cut the cheese with a hot knife, let alone the proverbial mustard.

Throughout the Hiztory of  3OD we have never actually played as a team. We started using the Clan Tag to track stats on the CLQ, back when we were playing Q2. We always fought each other with the same vehemence we showed to others.  

It was Cap*n  again who finally talked us in to playing Capture The Flag. After a few weeks playing head to head amongst ourselves Cap*n finds this IP address to a really cool CTF server. Storms Rails Only Instagib. And we have been fought there for a long time.

We added Liam to the line up shortly after. Liam, long time friend used to tell us all how we were a bunch of geeks for getting so involved in a little game. We introduced Liam to what we like to call the quake pipe, and he has been a strung out junkie ever since.

Right about then we decided a new clan tag would better represent the new and improved Clan. After a brief stint as the Odd Ball Killin Qrew [OBKQ]

Cdtrips, and afterbirth both periodically played on my PC.  Afterbirth made it back to the new clan in december of 2K1 when he got him his own computer. He now plays from Philly. Mihesauh moved back to oklahoma and we are waiting on his return. Spooge still doesn't have much time to play. We are anxiously awaiting the return of CDTrips to our active roster.
Somewhere in here we had some name changes. The Cap*n became Fade and Liam became Muerte
Date Line: December 2K1<-gLu-> Clan took on it's first recruits. A monumental step for us, having always been an Indy based operation.  Scouting the talent out there among several servers we began making a list of people to watch. We watched, players on team skillz, and scorez. As well as personality and gamesmenship and last but not least a good sense of humor. Proud to announce the addition of two new members Mung and snubNose to the gLu Clan roster.
Late in December 2K1 we scouted yet another fine railer. The <-gLu-> Clan contingency is  proud to welcome *Tick* to the gang. He has been railing with and against us for along time now and we count him as yet another seasoned soldier.
Some time in January 2K2 we added to our roster the Uncompromised skillz of Unconnected who you may see playing as UN<-gLu->. Another skilled railer who we met on the RailzOnly servers.
Late in February 2K2 CDTrips became more active on the servers building up to his eventual return to active status in early march. He finely got him a quake worthy rig. Woohoo the original 3[OD] is back together with the exception of old spooge.
DateLine: March 12 2K2 Oh happy Dayz. Clan <-gLu-> added the oh so lovely and very talented Lady*V* to the team. Her world renowned railing prowess and unparalleled defensive skillz only add to the <-gLu-> clan threat. 
DateLine: March 22 2K2 Or so, we added another long time railing buddy to the gLu clan roster. Proud to announce that Cynical joined the gang to bring our GibSquad to the nice round number of 15.
DateLine: May 5 2K2 Milan left the clan to go solo as his schedule did not allow him the time to participate in team events. He's still out there railin, but changed his name to Zephyr.
DateLine: May 13 2K2 Woot Woot!! We added our second goddess to the line up. J3NN has been railing with, and against us for a while now and we finally asked her to wear our tag.
DateLine: May 25 2K2 Oh happy dayz!! In may we started to take notice a new comer on the RO servers. A man who repeatedly popped railz into us despite being new to the servers.  Welcome to GodHood Arsenic.
DateLine: May 30 2K2 We were honored to welcome a long time rail goddess to the clan. hottoddy or kerri, as she now goes by. <-gLu-> clan as a whole has been anxiously awaiting her induction.
DateLine: June 17 2K2 Proud to accept our 4th Goddess to the Gods Like Us Imporium. Yet another long time railing Home Girl. 5th Element Joins the gang to the cheering and adulation of the masses.
DateLine: July 27 2K2 All Hail Strabo formerly of WD clan from the WD servers. <-gLu-> clan was proud to add him to the roster. A fine railer and a hell of a team mate, tagged or not.
DateLine: July 30 2K2 5thElement and Kerri left the clan as they both had alot of things going on in they're personal lives. We are sad to see them go.
DateLine: August 05 2k2 Both Ciggy and DarkHorse petitioned the clan for entry. Having railed with them both for a long long time they were quickly accepted into the gang.
DateLine: August 15 2k2 Both X'ile and Mulligan (now RamRod) join the crew. We were happy to add the youngest regular <-gLu-> Clan members to the roster.
DateLine: August 30 2k2 <-gLu-> Clan as one voice hails the arrival of SoliDSnakE to the gang. Long time veteran, he petitioned and was quickly counted amongst our number.
DateLine: September 04 2k2 Sad reportings that J3NN (Pi*Ka<-gLu->) Left the clan this morning. She longed to get a little more serious about playing in competition. GL little sister.
DateLine: September 07 2k2 <-gLu-> clan adds it's newest member to the rail review. A big welcome to the crew for DieShaw. Now railing at a server near you as Stickie<-gLu->
DateLine: September 09 2k2  Here announcing that RamRod  Leaves the clan today. Time and life get in the way of the game. Sorry to see him go so soon.

Um, Phrique stops updating the site.
We moved A few members to the Ex member list as they had been MIA for a long time, they are still glu in spirit.
Um, Phrique starts updating the site again.

DateLine: September 26 2k2 Good Friend Balltongue dons the gLu clan tags much to our elation.
DateLine: November 09 2k2 Long time Railin bud Speedy joins the clan and there was much rejoicing.
DateLine: February  2K3 Sad to say farewell to ciggy who decided to go it alone. We will miss ya buddy.
DateLine: February  2K3 We added strabo's twin brother Riptide the clan just after the first ever glu clan tournament. ===> Check it out!
DateLine: February  2K3 Added Swordfish and Dex to the roster both of whom had courted us for a lengthy time.
DateLine: March  2K3 The first bi-annual gLuCon Lan Party takes place at the glorious Quality Inn in Indianapolis Indiana. snubNOSE and DarkHorse fly in for the occasion. Much fun was had ===> See picks here.
DateLine: April 2K3 Then there was Nightwolf, long time railing adversary from FoC clan tags up.
DateLine: June 2K3 Our youngest member yet, The Wiggin joins the fray, making the jump up from JC*gLu.
DateLine: August 2K3 Our number jumps by 3 as we ad Draken, Jewelz, and Smoky to the glu clan plan. All three long time friends and damn good railers.

<-More to Come->

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