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Welcome One and all to the Clan <-gLu-> Family Home Page. We do hope it serves to describe just who we are and why we do what we do when we do it! 

The Godz Like Us Family are a collective of some of the absolute most bizarre people to ever play the game. We are a rail gun only Capture the Flag clan playing OSP v1.01 Mod Q3 v1.32. Drop by our server and rail or be railed by us.

The Killin Qrew

Aftabirth (active)
BUN (active)
CDTrips (active)
Cynical (active)
Draken (active)
PhriQue (lactive)
DarkHorse (active)
KitKat (active)
MostlyStew (active)
Smoky (active)
snubNOSE (active)
Tarot  (active)
*V* (radioactive)
Vixxy (active)
Wiggin (active)
Wisteron (active)
Z (active)

Reserve Members
BallTongue (semi-MIA)
JeWeLz (semi-MIA)
Muerte (semi-MIA)
UngLu (semi-MIA)
Stickie (semi-MIA)
X'ile (semi-MIA)

Clan <-gLu-> is not currently accepting new members. 


Let's Get It On

Right Quick

With The Killin!

 <-gLu-> Stands for GODZ LIKE US! (Originally submitted to HumorCafe.Com by Da*Freaks Ex,  for the funny Band Names page.) We were at a loss for a new Clan name and that sounded cool. You can look at it as either Godz enjoy our presence, or People should strive to be Godz, just Like Us.

Clan <-gLu-> is the New Order. Formed from members of clan [3OD] and some new blood. We had a brief stint as Clan [OBKQ] Odd Ball Killin Qrew, Though we finally settled on using the new tag  <-gLu->. Check the history for info on the  <-gLu-> Clan and older tales of  Clan [3OD].

We decided to adopt a new clan name as most of our active members weren't around when [3OD] was originally formed. 

We got this here server for you to play upon, Offering up sweet pings nationwide.

 Have fun and play nice.

glutopia Tejas

  Click Here for a list of other good servers.

{Da Freaks Fav' Q-Con Pix of 2K2}

< - Godz Like Us - >

Godz Like Us we never die, We'll pop a rail right in your eye.
We hope it doesn't give you gas, when we roll up and rail your ass.
Now begins the real blood bath, Duck and Run or feel our wrath.
Godz Like Us we don't fear lag, we only live to die or frag.

The terror Z don't play no gamez, He's kickin ass to hell with names.
In the sky or on the ground, snubNOSE grinning rails you down.
Muerte's courtyard he defends, Touch that flag and death descends.
A horse is a horse ocourse ocourse, but don't you try to mount DarkHorse.
Aftabirth rains rails in showers, best watch out for his Placenta Powers!!!
U got our flag, think your away? but Mung shall make you rue the day.
CYNicals positively on attack, Comin for your flag so watch your back.
Mess with X'ile and soon regret, and he can't even buy cigarettes.
CDTrips he Twists and whirlz, Railz ya then says Good Game Girlz.
Watch that U don't get infected, by the rail from Unconnected.
With Lady*V* there's no pretense, cuz none shall pass her skilled V-fence.
BallTongue rails in streets or alleys. Your dead before your team can rally
Perplexed by Dex, who's railing hard. chalk the longshot to the new vid-card.
Guard your base when you see speedy, flags and frags he's equal greedy.
Arial shots just ain't so tricky, When ya fall into the sights of Stickie.
But JestaFreak's the real frag hog, He'll kill ya then he'll queer your dog.

We're Godz Like Us must We repeat, We turn ya quick to chunks of meat,
Fear us cuz ya know we're vicious, To us your only Gibby-licious.
Our Flag, Your base, Could this be it? But then you hear that HOLY SHIT!!!
All Bow Down and shake in fear, Now that Godz Like Us are here.

11-20-2K1 ----- JestaFreak

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