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I'm about to score this Flag so go get your dog.

System Info

P.C. --  HPCR Built
Process -- Athlon 2400
Bus Speed -- 266 Mega Hurts
Ram -- 512DDR PC2700
Grafix -- PNY GF 4 5600 128M
Connect -- Cable 
Mouse--Logitech Opti
Monitor--17' Sony Trinitron,
with a giant scratch in it thanks to Wiggin.


Personal Info

Name: Andy 
AIM: JestaPhreak
Location: Indy, IN - ES
D.O.B.: 09-29-1967
Work:  Webmaster, Web Host, Web Design.
Hobbies: Art, Writing, Quake, Pool, Bein Funny
Personal Quote: If I ever found my happy place I am sure someone will have recently farted there.

Clan Info

Position: I'm everywhere you want to be. 
Joined: Original Gangsta
Skins: Anarki
Fav. Maps: Cemetary, Courtyard Conundrum, Dueling Keeps, Can I take it to the Bridge.
Fav. Mods: iCTF, OSP,  
Games: Q2, Q3

I'll swallow your soul!!

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What else, I ax, might one need to know to give them a glimmer of the lunacy that is my constant mental state.
Pish Posh - it's all such rubbish. I play Quake! I have always hated video games, until the day my friend Randall of loaded it up on my PC. It were Quake 1, and it were good. I played like a fiend right into Quake 2 and eventually Q3. I have played other games since then but none seem to tickle my 'fuzzy buddies' like Quake.
People are always trying to get me to try some game and they don't understand when I say, "I Play Quake", that I mean that's all I play.
My brother refers to my gaming as me hitting the old Quake (crack) Pipe, because he knows that I am an avid addict.
You can read more about me on my other Bios page at Humor Cafe. The link is to the left there.

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