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System Info

P.C.-- Homebuilt Box
Process-- Penteeum 4 2.53 Jiggyhurtz
Bus Speed-- 
Ram-- 512 meg ram
Grafix-- G4 Ti 4400 (Birfday prezzy from snub)
Mouse-- razor boomslang
Monitor-- 21" (heavy, heavy, heavy)beast of an old monitor

Personal Info

Name: Ray Duncan
Location: Houston
D.O.B.: 07/06/1965
Work: technical support specialist (glorified help desk), bartender
Hobbies: Pool, Quake, bicycling, Quake, reading, Quake

Clan Info

Name: Darkhorse
Position: yesh I likes them all 
Joined: 08-05-02
Skins: Ranger
Fav. Maps: The Halloweenie one
Fav. Mods: OSP
Games:  QUAKE


  Well, I played as Piglett for a while but people had a really hard time dealing with the fact that the cute little whiny pink piggy was fraggin their azzez so a change was in order. Thus, Pigg-Zilla was born but everyone kept thinking I was war*pig in disguise. A compliment yes, but I am my ownpig. 

Well, another barnyard animal perhaps...DarkHorse. Sounds brooding, possibly sinister (as if I could  ever be), but actually more of a statement of my lifestyle. Allways taking the longshot approach to life. That's why Vegas and I just don't get along.


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