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System Info

P.C.-- Home Built
Process--1.2 Gig Athlon
Bus Speed--266 Mghz
Ram--768 and counting
Grafix-- Nvidia GF4 64M
Connect--ISDN Soon to be T-1
Mouse--M S Optical
Monitor--21' ?

Personal Info

Name: Sean Coughlin
AIM: scoughlin2
Location: Fairland, IN
D.O.B.: 02-10-1972
Work: As little as possible
Quaking and Drinking and Drinking and Quaking

Clan Info

Name: Muerte<-gLu->
Position: Secretary of Defense
Joined: Original <-gLu-> Gangsta
Skins: Bones
Fav. Maps: Courtyard Conundrum & Can I take it to the Bridge
Fav. Mods: Berrilium, OSP
Q3 and only Q3

  I am not a gamer nor have I ever been. I have made fun of all who played computer games. 
I have personally berated every one of my fellow clan members for playing so much Quake. 

That is until Da Freak gave me a copy of Quake 3. I played once and was instantly hooked. I can't get enough, my life revolves around this game. I  have had to make many adjustments in my personal and professional life to play as much as I do. 

I pray to the Quake Godz daily. As I said before, 
I am not a gamer..... 

I Play Quake!


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